Contact Information

Wawanesa School is located at 530 Commercial Street, Wawanesa, MB.

You can reach the staff of Wawanesa School by phone at



1-866-422-5118 (Toll free within Manitoba)

Our mailing address is:

Wawanesa School
Box 310
Wawanesa, MB
R0K 2G0

You can FAX us at   1-204-824-2659 (but we really don’t like faxes very much)

You can email:

2 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Donald Rush said:

    Love the “faxes” comment! I am curious as to whether or not a Mr. (I believe) Paul Friesen is still a teacher there? Thank You. Don Rush (Grad 2001) Ottawa, Ont

    • Paul Frisen said:

      Mr. Rush! I obviously don’t check comments on our school home page often enough and am replying to a comment from you that is almost 2 years old, but yes, I am still at Wawanesa School. Good to hear from you! I hope this finds you well.

      Paul Friesen

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